Our Team



Kenneth Shirley


Phoenix, Arizona

CEO & Founder


Throughout his travels across the country, Kenneth has developed a passion for both film making and dancing. He has had numerous opportunities to dance and perform for audiences ranging from coast to coast.

In 2014, Kenneth has had the opportunity to gain valuable experience by performing with “Spirit of the Mist” in Niagara Falls, New York, where he performed for thousands of tourists weekly ranging worldwide. A champion dancer within powwows, Kenneth has also transitioned his time and effort to his undergraduate studies where he is currently a junior majoring in film making production.


chase-picChase Francis

Managing Partner
Washington, DC

With an understanding of managing small business, Mr.Chase Francis not only brings his college education, but experience from learning within a variety of successful businesses in multiple industries.

“I believe in enabling truly driven people, like Kenneth, reach their full potential. Furthermore, I will exhaust any time, relationships, and energy to be successful.”



img_0659Ty LodgePole

World Class Chicken Dancer

Ty is 19 years old and represents the Diné people. He dances the Men’s Prairie Chicken Dance, which originates from the Blackfeet People. He has been perfecting his art dancing since the age of ten.  





Deserie Redhouse

Champion Fancy Shawl Dancer

Deserie Redhouse is a champion Fancy Shawl dancer from the Dinè nation. She has won championships all over North America and Canada. Also, she is famous Native artists that specializes in beadwork and seamstress.


img_0660Brandon Begay

Men’s Grass Dance Champion

Brandon Begay is 17 years old and represents the Dinè nation. He dances the Mens Grass Dance category. He’s been dancing since the age of 2 years old.







Kendorina Redhouse

Champion Jingle Dress

Kendorina Redhouse is a champion Jingle Dress from the Dinè nation. As well as an amazing beadwork and seamstress artist. She has traveled all over the country demonstrating her love for dancing in the arena and bringing home many championships.




Rae Steven Scott

Champion Singer and Men’s Fancy Dancer

Rae Steven Scott is a champion singer and men’s fancy dancer from the Dinè and Apache nation. Also, Rae has won championships all over America and Canada for his singing and has been dancing since he could walk.

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