At Indigenous Enterprise, LLC we believe in what we call the three P’s. First, Preservation, which we peruse through teaching. Next, performance of traditional dance and song. Finally, Progression, we understand that culture changes with its people and that we as the Native young bloods of America, we are the pioneers of this cultural movement.



Identity is importance in maintaining any relevancy to growing and developing into a strong well-minded Native American leader. Through a healthy and active lifestyle, this provides each individual with the opportunity to dictate their own course of action and achieve personal success.

 Our team is comprised of well spoken and articulate leaders who are respectful and knowledgeable with the utmost candor.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

  • Cultural Competency

  • Knowing Your Potential

  • Understanding Your Identity



With dancers and singers ranging from various parts of the United States, we are proud to represent many tribes and nations together through the rich traditions our culture presents by powwows.

Through this service, we apply our very best efforts in giving your organization or event a well-deserved performance from our finest dancers and singers.





Education is important in maintaining opportunity and access through high school and post secondary school as well. We firmly believe that through education, we have the opportunity to achieve personal success for our people and society through each graduated Native American.

We strive to express the importance of perseverance and determination to cultivate a new social norm of knowledge and innovation for our youth.

  • Innovation Development

  • Educational Opportunity & Access

  • Understanding Post Secondary Options

  • College Experience Preparation


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